Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Master Theory Battle Report: MT versus Halocharts 40 and Above

Master Theory returned to the battlefield once again. After a close series the last time the two sides fought, HC40A wanted another shot at downing the ever-vigilant Master Theory gang. The gametypes were decided to be the same as the time before, with the only difference from the previous skirmish being the color uniforms the teams decided to wear.

Up first, a true deathmatch on the frozen tundra of Avalanche.

The gods of the Halo universe planted the HC40A squad on Light Side, and Master Theory on Dark Side, and the two teams clashed for laser. HC40A sent a hog and hornet to attempt an early kill on TsengMao, Master Theory's Hornet ace pilot. However, they met with surprise as TsengMao's shields had been boosted above their usual level, thanks to his overshield. Master Theory secured laser, and destroyed the Halocharts' hornet shortly after.

With laser control, vehicles patrols began pouring from the Master Theory side, with only a few foot soldiers to ensure map control was not lost. With nhd and Achronos sharing the Ghost, Audley and Pie took a lone Warthog out of the shadows to harass the HC40A team. The Master Theory team had a small lead, with very few kills being given up in one direction or another, until Master Theory took its second Warthog, again with the crack crew of Audley and Pie. With the completion of production of HC40A's second hornet nearing, Audley and Pie sat quietly in the HC40A base, while the others all fought for control of the middle of the map. The hornet spawned, and Audley hopped in the pilot and took off to become the Iceman to TsengMao's Maverick.

With two aircraft patrolling the skies, Anubis' Sniper controlling the keyhole from afar, and the possession of Laser by Stembo, Master Theory took solid control of the match, gaining almost two kills for every one from the Halocharts squad. Master Theory's air support regimen flew confidently onto the HC40A squad to attempt to score the kills even faster, forcing TsengMao to eventually become gunned down and Audley to retreat. As the clock wound down, the deathmatch score read 91-55. The hornet duo combined for 36 assists, displaying the value of a little bit of air support.

Up next, a return to the box canyon, with the objective of scoring the opponents' flag. Valhalla Multi-Flag.

The game opened in traditional fashion, a bloody battle at the top of the hill, both sides charging for the Ark of the SPARTAN program, the Laser. Despite heavy casualties on both sides, Pie secured the laser for Master Theory, pulling it back to territory 4.

The two teams continued to fight for control of the hill, understanding its tactical merit. Some time after the second laser spawned, Master Theory cleared the hill with the warthog duo of Audley and Rob, using the opportunity presented by its vacancy to take a foothold of the hill it wouldn't soon relinquish. Despite not controlling the hill, HC40A tightened up and would not concede ground at Watercave or their waterfall ledge.

Unfortunately for HC40A, their more defensive position gave way for Master Theory to finally get a Banshee up in the hands of Stembo, who used it to pick at HC40A's defenses. After 15 minutes, Anubis finally broke through their defenses long enough to get the flag into the man cannon, where he eventually finished off the flag run.

A few minutes later, Achronos disloged a second flag in an attempt to increase the score, but HC40A charged the hill guns a-blazin' to ensure the score did not pass 1-0. Time expired with HaloCharts sending everything they had in a last-ditch effort to score, but none could break Master Theory's heavy wall of defenses.

With a 2-0 series lead, the teams decided Standoff Slayer would be the next battleground, pre-empting the choices of Sandbox Flag and Neutral Assault on Rat's Nest.

And so the battle went.

Master Theory opened Standoff with precise movement, neutralizing the Warthog, the Invis, and the entire left side of the HC40A base. Under heavy suppression, HC40A was forced to forfeit an attempt for the laser, allowing Master Theory to secure it easily.

With laser in hand, Master Theory's driver of choice, nhd drove Cloud in true BTB fashion, focusing on keeping the Warthog alive, and keeping bullets in anyone brave enough to show their faces.

The infantry of Master Theory took control of HC40A's left flank, at their Brute Shot and their BR Rock, keeping the HaloCharts team with only three choices of destination, their rockets, their Invis, or their base. Any attempts to venture elsewhere met with a deadly combination of Warthog suppressive fire and BR clean-up fire for the majority of the battle.

After nearly six minutes of driving, nhd and Cloud's duo ran out of gas, and the Warthog was neutralized. Master Theory didn't give up their control, however, and continued the slaughter in similar fashion, as TsengMao immediately resecured the Warthog and refueled it with Stembo as his gunner, with nhd and Cloud taking over on foot.

A few minutes later, the dust began to settle as the scoreboard showed 100-48.

Master Theory's camaraderie and focus carried them to a sweep of HC40A's challengers. With the series at 3-0, HC40A deferred the last two gametypes, finishing the series with a slew of Good Games and proverbial handshakes.

Afterward, Master Theory's challenge captain TsengMao dubbed the honors of Co-MVP on Stembo for his 5.0 Kill-to-Death performance and Audley for the tactics that secured Master Theory's gameplan and teamwork.

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