Saturday, February 26, 2011

Master Theory versus HaloCharts Prophet League

Tonight, the band of brothers known as Master Theory faced off once more against the claimant clairvoyants who call themselves the HaloCharts Prophet League.

The series was set to be a best of Five showing, with the HCPL team selecting Big Team Slayer up by the cafes and gift shops known as the Boardwalk as the opening gametype.

Master Theory donned their fiery red Mjollnir armor, while the Prophetic ones wore blue.

The Master Theory team each grouped off into battle-buddies and set to control the elevated portions of the boardwalk. HCPL's team must have foreseen a bad future, as two of their members leapt to their death immediately off the start.

Master Theory's team controlled the sky bridge for the following minutes, as the gap climbed from 6 to -2, to 18 to 4, and then further on to 27 to 7. The bodies continued to hit the sidewalk of the Boardwalk.

However, HCPL buckled down as they saw the score gap increasing. Taking a crowbar to Master Theory's locked down map control, they wedged the masters from their lofty perches and began to trade blows with them.

The score gap began to jitter back and forth, slowly leaning toward a favorable future for the HCPL as they pulled the gap down to 14, despite the shaky start. However, with each kill putting Master Theory closer and closer to the final goal of 100, their time was limited.

With around 30 kills to go, the Master Theory group finally resecured their control of the Sky Bridge and hunkered down until emerging victorious by a margin of twenty.

Master Theory wins 100-80.

MVP: Cloud, with a dominating 15-2 performance and 8 Sniper kills.

Game two came to a newer, colder battleground. Suited to a more one-sided objective play, the selection from Master Theory was One Flag on Breakpoint.

The first round put the MT group on defense versus the HCPL aggression. An early push combined with clever strategery allowed the Master Theory team to neutralize the Prophets' laser control -- with Tseng Mao even pulling the laser all the way back to the MT side of the map before being chased down and terminated.

The small victory of resecuring laser was not quite enough for HCPL, however, as dtmwerks pulled back the Neutral Wraith. Master Theory's ground-pounding squad funneled through the central caves of the map while the British Banshee ace, Matclan took over the skies. Open fields and narrow bridges were impassable with the skies so carefully watched, leaving the HCPL team with but one path to the Master Theory side: the tunnel.

Alas, as they approached the tunnel, the purple hover whale of doom secured by dtm met them with a mortal mortar blast, leaving them with no option to cross the map.

Master Theory held fast, without a single fingerprint left upon their beloved banner.

Round two swapped the sides. A three-pronged attack by Master Theory allowed them to cover the entire map off the start -- securing the Wraith in the hands of dtm once more, the laser in the hands of Triton, and an unguarded push through tunnel allowed Audley a nigh uncontested flag grab.

As Audley desperately ran the flag toward tunnel, he was picked off from behind, but the damage was done, and Master Theory quickly scooped up the loose flag for planting upon their glacial home.

The second offensive attempt for the HCPL team opened much the same, with fights on all fronts leading ultimately to Master Theory in control of the skies and the Wraith. With the open areas of the map once again in the MT team's control, HCPL was given the choice to rush across the open to be picked off, or to funnel like lemmings into the repeated shelling from the fearsome Wraith.

Ultimately, the Master Theory team once again let not a single hand soil their flag, and ensured a victory regardless of the final round results.

The fourth round led to much different tactics than the previous, with much of the HCPL team seeking to keep the hover whale from entering into the MT possession.

An unfortunate miscue led to HCPL's zZacky self-destructing in the Banshee. To make matters worse, an early Warthog from the Master Theory team arrived to stealthily steal the flag, and make off with haste.

The over-eager lead foot of TsengMao caused the Warthog to tumble, but with none of Thor's green Thunderbolts to capitalize on the mistake, the MT team escaped with a second flag capture.

Master Theory wins, 2-0.

Co-MVPs go to Matclan for his +22 showing from the skies, and dtmwerks for his +13 performance in the Wraith.

Game three seemed a much more fitting gametype for the HCPL's selection: Stockpile in the Box Canyon (Hemorrhage, that is.) Perhaps they had a sense of irony to reflect their stockpiling of Halo player data, or perhaps they just enjoy a good game of horde the acorns...Either way, the stage was set for the third game.

Both teams quickly rushed from their bases in all manner of vehicles. Wraiths, Revenants, and Warthogs split off to go fulfill their respective roles. The snipers began their game of cat and mouse, each one attempting to take up a position to support his team from afar.

The Master Theory Warthog was immediately neutralized by the HCPL Revenant while the MT Revenant focused on a more supportive role, with the Matclan/Tsengmao duo utilizing the nicknamed Reptar to transport the flags. Master Theory gained the first point of the match, giving them a slight advantage as the match settled into its meatier portion.

With all manner of projectiles flying about in the midmap foray, and vehicles ferrying flags faster than they could be found, both teams' scores began to accumulate. Each team collected their proximate flags.

However, with the HCPL team not managing to score a single kill out of their wraith, the situational spiraled beyond their control, allowing Master Theory to secure the more neutrally located flags, leading to their imminent victory.

Master Theory wins, 10-7.

Co-MVPs once again go to dtmwerks for his Wraithwork, and Matclan for his supportive driving ability.

Master Theory secured victory in a decisive 3-0 sweep. The HCPL foresaw no reprieve from the relentless assault, and graciously gave the "Good Game" signature to close out the series in Master Theory's favor.

Good games, HCPL.

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